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Greetings !! This website was created with the specific objective of providing a venue for viewing much of the contents of the Master Linville Family genealogy database. This database contains much of the Linville information from Dr. Alice Eichholz's research and publications on Linville family genealogy. In addition, the genealogy research from around 100 other Linville family members has been integrated into this master Linville Family genealogy database. It is the largest single collection of Linville Family genealogy information currently available.

This database was originally created from the contents of Dr. Alice Eichholz's book, "The Linville Family in America", that was published in 1982. After attending the 1997 North Carolina Linville Family Reunion in Belews Creek, NC, Harvey K. Linville from the Seattle, WA area volunteered to perform the data entry work involved in creating a digital copy of the genealogy contents of Dr. Eichholz's book. In fact, he did it twice to identify as many data entry errors as possible. Mike Linville then took Harvey's work and imported it into The Master Genealgist, TMG, software. These initial efforts were completed around 1999/2000. The TMG software program has subsequently been used by Alice and Mike to continue expand and correct the original contents.

Since the 1982 version of "The Linville Family in America" was a research summary of what Dr. Eichholz had been able to uncover at that point in time, it still had many remaining unknowns and conflicts that needed additional information to resolve. Dr. Eichholz decided to focus her subsequent Linville research on the early generations of the Linville family in America which had the largest challenges - mostly prior to 1850. Dr. Eichholz had started a publication, Linville Roots Newsletters, in 1977 that ran through 1989. These newsletters were subsequently used to document her new research findings. These newsletters can currently be found on the Linville family SPOKT web site in the Linville Roots Newsletters book.

Around 2004, it was decided to try to incorporate DNA data from emerging DNA testing services that were specifically addressing genealogy research. A Linville family DNA project was established on the Family Tree DNA web site. The results from this Linville DNA testing has validated many family connections and is being used to identify unknown female family members in the early generations. The Linville project on the Family Tree DNA web site can be accessed via the following web site link:

The Master Linville Family Database that can be viewed below has been updated to reflect the research findings by Dr. Eichholz that occurred after her 1982 book. In addition, since 2000 Mike Linville has been integrating the genealogy research contributed by other Linville family members who have been most generous in sharing the results of their research covering specific branches of the family. Mike reviews and validates genealogy research contributions to ensure the contents are consistent with the existing research in The Master Linville Family Database before including it. Additions and corrections to the contents of this Linville genealogy data are always appreciated. Dr. Eichholz retains responsibility for all updates of any of the information prior to 1850 - Alice continues the hard research associated with finding and validating genealogy where minimal records exist. Dr. Eichholz has also prepared some overview/timeline documents that provide excellent introductions to the details in The Master Linville Family Database.
The first document is an overview of the early generations of the Linvilles in America.
Linville Family in America - First Generations
The second document provides a detail timeline for Thomas Linville (bc 1732) and his immediate descendants.
Linville Family Narrative - Thomas bc1732

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The Master Linville Family Database

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